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What is the purpose of a house roof?

Aug 28

A roof is a necessary covering that is applied to buildings and houses, as well as vehicles. A roof is essential for protecting homes and buildings. It serves multiple purposes. The roof's exterior and interior are covered by different elements.

Human Protection

A roof's primary purpose is to protect people inside the structure from the elements. This function is essential in all parts of the globe, as it protects against the elements. The roof protects the structure's inhabitants from all weather conditions and prevents them from getting sick.

Protection of Possessions

A roof is essential to protect human beings from weather changes. When rainwater or snow enters a structure, possessions like furniture, appliances and carpets, artwork, clothing, and other items would quickly be destroyed. The weather could also cause damage to the interior, including the floors, doors, and walls.

Water Protection

Some aspects of a roof serve the exterior of a structure. Roof flashing protects exterior walls from water damage. Flashing is a sheet of metal that stops rainwater from entering joints and causing damage. Flashing can be identified by inspecting the area around vent pipes or chimneys that run up the roof. 

Flashing is also necessary for protection at the junctions of the top and walls if the roof has vertical walls. The gutters and downspouts at the roof's edge provide water drainage and divert the water away from the structure's base and exterior walls.


A roof is the first line of defense against damage to a structure. It acts like an umbrella, shielding it from any potentially dangerous weather. The roof's shingles can be damaged or removed by high winds. The roof's valleys can be damaged by prolonged rainwater exposure. Roof leaks and holes are always a concern. To detect any damage, roofs should be inspected at least twice a year after major windstorms. 

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